Producer of exclusive product is considered as producer of electrical equipment, batteries and accumulator batteries, packaging, vehicles, tires, non-packaging product.

Enlarged responsibility of producer is summary of responsibilities of producers of specified products, related to product during all phases of its life cycle. The target is prevention of waste generation od specfied product and reinforcement of waste reusing, waste recycling or other waste treatment of this waste flow. Content of enlarged responsibilities of producer includes fixed requirements for provision of material composition or construction of specified product, information provision on its components and on waste management of specified waste flow, to secure waste management of specified waste flow and secure financial provision of mentioned activities.

Implementation of Regulation of Ministry of Environment of Slovak Republic No. 373/2015 on Enlarged Responsibilities of Producers of specified products and on waste management of specified waste flows, towards producer of specified product conditions. Guarantee of fullfiling of information obligation and administration of registration.